Things you should know once you become a tenant at Inovario. Step-By-Step Guides.

Click on the following tips to find out the procedures and directions. The PDF forms will be downloaded automatically. For any other question regarding your lease, please fill out the contact form.

icon1Winterizing the air conditioner sleeve

How to winterize your air conditioner sleeve properly.

Installation of air conditioner sleeve

Step-by-step installation (french only).


How to deal with condensation on windows or other areas within your home?

icon3Emergency Service

When to call our emergency service?

icon4Air Exchanger Maintenance

Step-by-step guide for your air exchanger quarterly and annual maintenance.

How to discard your furniture

Where to call to discard your furniture.

icon5What to do in case of neighbourhood noise?

Neighbourhood noise is a breach of the public tranquility to which we are all entitled.

icon6Water Damage

Are you a victim of water damage? Do this now!

Smoke alarm manual

Operation, maintenance and fire safety instructions.

icon7Container and Cardboard Boxes

Please fold cardboard boxes and leave nothing outside of the containers.

Electronic Thermostat

User’s guide.